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Mark Woodward

Mark Woodward is the Chief Operating Officer of Business Intelligence Advisors and is a senior intelligence and security professional with extensive experience delivering complex professional security and intelligence solutions to U.S. Government, Institutional Investor, Fortune 100, and Forbes 100 clients. Mr. Woodward’s Key accomplishments have included:

Due Diligence Investigations – Led numerous open and primary source investigations focused on corporate C-level officers, financial services managers, and other senior executives worldwide. Uncovered instances of fraud and other criminal conduct, misrepresentation of academic and professional credentials, sexual harassment and misconduct, and other disqualifying behaviors. Provided a client with advance warning of an issue that 14 months later made the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek.

Risk Management – Served as the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office’s (NRO) senior risk management instructor. Assisted with the development and implementation of the Analytical Risk Management methodology, which is now used throughout the United States Intelligence Community. Conducted an array of threat, vulnerability, and risk analyses of sensitive domestic and overseas U.S. Government facilities, museums, residences of ultra-high net worth individuals, Fortune 100 corporate facilities, and similar sites. Authored comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analyses. Provided risk management training to U.S. Government personnel, foreign liaison services, and Fortune 100 corporate security personnel. Led a significant insider threat study and briefed the Director of the NRO on its findings. Led a risk assessment focused on the personal residence of the Director of the NRO. Served as head of protective intelligence for an ultra-high net worth family and foundation’s trip throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Intelligence Collection and Analysis – Led sensitive domestic and overseas investigations for hedge funds, private equity firms, and institutional investment firms to support multi-million-dollar investment decisions. Received extensive intelligence tradecraft training from the U.S. Intelligence Community. Authored numerous intelligence assessments based on all-source information. Received commendation for role in a major classified counterterrorist operation and for assistance to security operations in high threat zones. Served in more than twenty countries worldwide.

Mr. Woodward holds a Master’s in Political Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Bachelor’s in Political Science from University of California, Riverside

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