SRIS provides specialized investigative services, innovative risk solutions, and compliance consulting to domestic and international organizations.

Through our diverse expertise and suite of services, SRIS provides multinational corporations, institutional investment firms, insurance and legal based businesses with the resources required to ensure operational continuity, manage all level of risks, resolve complex matters, mitigate losses, and protect reputation.

In an age where the demand to resolve legal disputes, settle insurance claims, protect industry reputation, and mitigate fraud, has become increasingly warranted, and the necessity for intelligence gathering has become ever so crucial, SRIS was formed on a foundation of providing the most exclusive and unique product available in the marketplace today.  SRIS was formed to ensure that intelligence is assessed and collected through accurate, efficient, reliable, and inclusive techniques.

Our experts include Licensed Private Investigators, Certified Fraud Examiners, and Certified Open-Source Analysts with the expertise and knowledge conducting complex intelligence analysis and multi-jurisdictional investigations.

Our team has professionally been trained to conduct interviews and access and interpret sensitive and proprietary data, financial, legal, and regulatory filings, and various open source and public records. Our team has provided expert testimony on various subject matters. Our experts have played a key role in the decision-making process of some of the most sensitive matters, and complex business contracts and multi-billion-dollar transactions.


  • To deliver the most sought-after product and solutions worldwide.
  • To help our clients reach their objectives and resolve their most complex matters.
  • To shape the future of intelligence solutions and investigative services.


To become the most recognized and valued integrative Intelligence, Investigation and Risk Consulting agency worldwide.


We are recognized by our four I’s:

Integrity & Commitment
Inclusion & Diversity
Individuality & Collaboration
Innovation & Growth

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