Executive Team
& Advisory Board

Mark Thaiss, MBA


Mark is our contracted Information Officer bringing with him a wide range of network experience and capability. He has developed operating systems and security awareness for large national multi-location businesses requiring cutting edge technology and state of the art security functionality.

Mark’s career has seen him achieve such titles as Director, Information Systems, Director, Digital Innovation, College Professor to President of his own very successful IT Services company.

Mark has built the SRIS system and manages our digital strategy, security and controls our project planning budget.

Throughout his career, Mark has acted as an ambassador for the Information Technology (IT) sector, including IT Service insourcing and outsourcing and management of multi-site and offshore teams; managing the development of the infrastructure sourcing strategy and providing executive oversight for strategic vendor selection; and cultivating product technology visions and innovative solutions while fostering effective architecture/technology and operational practices.

Mark holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Aston University.

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